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Layaway-Take Away Financing

SoCal Hobbies offers something called Layaway-Takeaway Financing. It's basically a combination of Layaway and Financing. If you live in Southern California and are in need of an RC model and want-it-now, you can pay for 80% down and put the rest on Layaway-Payaway Financing. We offer no interest financing for 7 days up to 20% of your balance. We can finance you up to 1 week (7 days of purchase) with NO Interest. After the 7th day, the rate is double at 200%.

$100 item
$80 Down Payment
$20 Financed Amount PAID within 7 days
$40 Paid within 14 days

Open to any local SoCal residents available in-store or at a mobile location ONLY.

1. Must be 20% or less of the total agreed amount of purchase
2. Current Address
3. A copy of CA Drivers license or ID Card with current address. (CA Residents Only)
4. Current Cell Phone Number
5. Name and address of current employer and managers name

A request for the amount owed will be text to you at time of initial purchase to pay the balance owed and confirmed that you received it before you leave. You can pay with a credit or debit card. We use This service is free and no cost for you to use. After 2 weeks has passed (14 days) and no payment has been received, we will start all collection activities.

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